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RFID Solutions

Elevate your supply chain to a whole new frequency. Radio Frequency.

We have a full selection of RFID Products, Services, and Solutions

AB&R® works with large corporations and mid-size businesses that need systems in place to track and manage critical assets from the office, in the field, warehouse or distribution center, and throughout the entire supply chain process. Our RFID asset tracking systems and solutions include varying levels of technology and automation from a standalone system to fully interfaced/integrated system based on the complexities of your business.

Need the basics?

Check out: What is RFID and How does it work?

RFID Solutions

Stockroom Technology

Yard Management

Shipment Verification

Data Center Solutions

Emergency Management & Evacuation Tracking

Forklift Safety

RFID Services

RFID Site Surveys

Professional Services

Solution Assessments

iOS, Android, Windows Solutions

Configuration & Installation

Tagging Services

Components of RFID Solutions


RFID solutions benefit your entire warehouse

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  • Near 100% inventory accuracy
  • Near 100% order and shipping accuracy
  • Reduced out-of-stocks by up to 80%
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs by up to 59%
  • Reduced labor costs by as much as 30%
  • Up to 40% faster order processing

RFID Products

Our solutions require many pieces working together and AB&R® has the knowledgeable professionals with the experience your business is looking for. We have the Tags, Printers, Encoders, Readers, and accessories to go with your current or future system.

Find out if the products you currently have invested can be easily enabled.

Fixed and Mobile Readers





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Solving challenges and making it work for your business is our #1 priority.

AB&R®’s Solution Process

System Design

Phase I

Solution Design

During this phase our experts will:

  • Perform an in-depth discovery to learn more about your specific requirements & conduct a professional technical assessment.
  • Test & validate various hardware, software, and tags/labels, as applicable, to identify ones that will achieve your optimal solution.
  • Develop & deliver your Solution Design Specification (SDS): proving our recommendations and detailing the budgeting costs and process we will use to implement your solution.
Qualification Pilot

Phase II

Solution Implementation

During the second phase our experts will:

  • Upon your agreement, acquire the selected equipment, software, supplies, and services in your SDS. We will install, configure & calibrate to ensure the solution works to your expectations.
  • Confirm your acceptance of the installation, configuration, training, transition, validation, and support, validating that we have met your data-driven expectations for the performance and quality of the implemented solution.

Customer Experience


Continued communications will include:

  • Customer feedback requests on your experience with AB&R – we want it to be the best experience.
  • Quarterly Review meetings to discuss progress, success, outstanding issues that may need further assistance, and ways to further maximize your return on your investment.

AB&R®’s goal is to provide you with an efficient operation that maximizes ROI. Our solution process has been refined over the years to ensure we keep this promise for every customer.