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Solution Design Specification - AB&R®
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Solution Design Specification (SDS)

Your Roadmap to a Successful Solution Implementation

Whether your supply chain needs are simple or complex, AB&R can help. We approach every company’s challenges with detailed planning and a thorough assessment process designed to address your business’ unique needs. In order to design a successful solution, we perform a Solution Design Specification (SDS) that outlines the steps we need to take to execute our plan. This helps us address your supply chain issues at their source rather than just treat their symptoms.

How Does an SDS Work?

Before we begin designing your solution, our team will take you through a solutions assessment, which is a series of questions about your operations. After you complete this assessment, we will examine your supply chain issues and highlight areas that our solutions can improve. AB&R may also recommend a site survey in this phase, which is when our team visits your site to see your operations and solution impacts first-hand.

After our visit, we’ll put together our findings and design your solution plan. This includes creating a step-by-step implementation plan we will follow to determine the best hardware and software solutions your needs. Our plan ensures that we properly install and configure each component of your solution, and that it operates to your expectations. Finally, we will make sure you and your team are set up for success, training your team and providing technical support.

What’s In a Solution Design Specification?

Our SDS captures all the moving parts that make up your successful solution. Typically, our SDS will cover the following:

  • Details about your company & supply chain, including location details
  • An analysis of your needs, requirements, targets & benefits
  • Assessment results, with photos of your site, location & materials
  • Solution recommendations across your supply chain processes
  • A complete & transparent cost for implementation
  • The tasks, equipment & resources needed to complete your project

  • The device manufacturer & software specifications needed to complete your project
  • A detailed project plan & schedule to ensure your solution is delivered on time
  • Training, support & other information to ensure your success
  • Opportunity for feedback & review meetings to maximize ROI
  • Ongoing support as mutually agreed to

As we move through each phase of our SDS, you will be involved in every decision, and we will not move forward with implementing your solution until you agree to and feel confident with our project planning. We hope that throughout our work together, you will feel completely comfortable, informed and empowered.



Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Need a Solution Design Specification?

When you are implementing brand new technology or you have complex solution needs, you will need an SDS.  For example, this includes projects for RFID, Wireless, data collection, and software integration. Additionally, you may need an SDS if you’re new to barcoding, mobile device management, or hosting services.

Is An SDS Necessary?

We know that the technology we use works; however, we need to identify which technology will work best for you! The best solution for you will depend on your environment, what you want to achieve, current operations, and budget. With an SDS, AB&R can deliver the right supply chain hardware and software solution for your unique needs!

Why Else is an SDS Important?

The SDS makes sure that your team and the AB&R team are working on the right things, at the right time, in the right way – resulting in mutual success; however, it is also important for these reasons:

  • SDS Saves Money: An SDS removes error in the assessing, planning and implementing phases. This eliminates the cost of redoing, reordering or rescheduling any component of your solution.
  • SDS Manages Time and Resources: An SDS’ step-by-step framework ensures better planning, time, and resource management. With this plan, we can confidently set our project completion dates. Additionally, we will not have to meet as often throughout the project duration.
  • SDS Ensures Solution Accuracy: An SDS eliminates “scope creep” or missing requirements. This means that we will deliver exactly what we say we will to make sure our final product meets all the agreed-upon elements.

Why AB&R

For more than 40 years, AB&R has helped thousands of companies just like you optimize their supply chain. We stand by our SDS and guarantee that our solution will meet your needs. We’re here to help you succeed!

Have questions about Solution Design Specifications? Leave us your contact information and we’ll be happy to help you!

Solving challenges and making it work for your business is our #1 priority.

AB&R®’s Solution Process

System Design

Phase I

Solution Design

During this phase our experts will:

  • Perform an in-depth discovery to learn more about your specific requirements & conduct a professional technical assessment.
  • Test & validate various hardware, software, and tags/labels, as applicable, to identify ones that will achieve your optimal solution.
  • Develop & deliver your Solution Design Specification (SDS): proving our recommendations and detailing the budgeting costs and process we will use to implement your solution.
Qualification Pilot

Phase II

Solution Implementation

During the second phase our experts will:

  • Upon your agreement, acquire the selected equipment, software, supplies, and services in your SDS. We will install, configure & calibrate to ensure the solution works to your expectations.
  • Confirm your acceptance of the installation, configuration, training, transition, validation, and support, validating that we have met your data-driven expectations for the performance and quality of the implemented solution.

Customer Experience


Continued communications will include:

  • Customer feedback requests on your experience with AB&R – we want it to be the best experience.
  • Quarterly Review meetings to discuss progress, success, outstanding issues that may need further assistance, and ways to further maximize your return on your investment.

AB&R®’s goal is to provide you with an efficient operation that maximizes ROI. Our solution process has been refined over the years to ensure we keep this promise for every customer.

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