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RFID Yard Management Solutions for Your Most Valuable Equipment

Gain Visibility Into Your Yard

Large equipment like trucks, forklifts, trailers, and even raw materials may seem easy to track. If your facility covers a large geographic area, however, tracking these items can often be a struggle for your business. And when those items are expensive, the problem compounds.
Meet AB&R®’s RFID Yard Management Solution, an innovative solution that uses both RFID and Real-Time Location Service (RTLS) to help companies track assets no matter how large the geographic footprint.

How Does Yard Management Work?

One of the challenges of tracking equipment across a large geographic area is finding a solution that’s both easy to use and accurate 100% of the time. Barcode tracking could be used, but it can be time consuming and error prone.

RFID is the most effective yard management solution to address the challenge. These systems typically include:

  • RFID Tags – These are often mounted to assets, such as trucks, trailers, and equipment.
  • RFID Readers – Readers may be handheld or mounted, depending on your ultimate goal.
  • Software – This allows you to easily manage your assets from anywhere.


With this solution, when RFID tags are affixed to your assets, RFID readers located near entrance and exits will immediately identify these assets as they move into and out of your yard. Additional readers can be placed in the yard to track asset movement around the area.

RTLS and Yard Management

Real-Time Location Service gives you the ability to manage all your assets in real-time across a large geographic area. This is achieved by using Active RFID tags that are placed on your assets. Active RFID allows you to track equipment up to 100 feet away from the nearest reader, compared to about 20 feet for Passive RFID.


RTLS is the ultimate Yard Management Solution as it gives you instant access to the location of your assets 24/7. Passive RFID, on the other hand, will give you location data from the last time your asset passed through the read range of an RFID reader.

Key Benefits of RFID for Yard Management


Quickly identify expensive
tools & assets in real-time


Eliminate the need to
manually track assets

indoor outdoor

Applicable to indoor
and outdoor settings

productivity efficiency

Improved accuracy for
tracking your assets

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