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Instantly identify your employees, visitors, and customers with our proprietary card ID solution.

Card Identification with Scansmart ID

ID Cards with Built-in Technology

AB&R® card identification delivers card-based solutions addressing issues relating to controlled access, visitor management, employee ID, time and attendance, healthcare visitor management, loyalty cards, membership cards, and student badging.


AB&R® card solutions let you print customized, secure and cost-effective cards on demand. Cards can be printed in color or monochrome and can be encoded with multiple features like barcodes, magnetic stripes or radio frequency identification (RFID) to extend their use from highly secure employee IDs to gift card applications.


AB&R® Card Identification Solutions


We will work with you to configure, setup, and train your users on your new card identification system. Maintenance, supplies, and repair services are available by AB&R® specialists that are trained specifically on your model printer. Our card identification solutions include finding the right supplies for your business.


  • Scansmart ID is a customizable solution for your organization. You decide which mobile device, card printer, service, and accessories will work best for your needs.
  • Choose from a variety of mobile devices to add to your solution in order to scan ID badges at varies points of entry. If a workstation application is what you want, don’t worry, it comes standard with Scansmart ID.
  • In the event of an evacuation, Scansmart ID can be used off-site to determine which scanned employees were in your facility. This is a lifesaving resource for emergency responders.

Applications for Scansmart ID

  • Control access to your facility
  • Confirm the identity of each person as they enter your location
  • Remote access to the database allows you to view, access and make changes through a secure Internet connection.
  • A solution can be individually customized to meet special requirements

Scansmart is an AB&R® product with full development, design, and support

all located in-house.

Scansmart ID Badge

Scansmart Inventory

Scansmart ID Card

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