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RFID Emergency Management and Evacuation Tracking

Fire exit RFID emergency management: emergency stop

Every corporation small or large has evacuation plans, marked fire exits, and mapped routes. There are many kinds of emergencies and depending on your type of business you may have strict regulations on keeping up on those management plans.

RFID Emergency Management: Mustering Sign


The use of RFID is now being incorporated into emergency management plans across all industries. The need for an evacuation route and safe mustering location (safe zone) are just the beginning. Using RFID to track employees in an emergency will provide visibility so that first-responders react efficiently and have insight to who is missing and where they are for faster response time.



RFID Emergency Management Capabilities:

  • Sensors for Alerts
    • Set automatic alerts that cause various actions or events. Sensor alerts can be used to track temperature, smoke, gas, and more
  • Actions for Alerts
    • Actions can include sending messages (SMS or Email) and activating relays such as sirens, gates, lights, sprinklers, and more.
  • Traceability
    • None-arrival alerts can be set to notify or trigger an action when someone is not at a specific pre-defined zone or mustering location
    • Management of High-Security areas is addressed with pre-defined areas for specific personnel only.
  • Privacy
    • The system allows tracking personnel and alerting when required while keeping the privacy of the people. This is done by using the “Privacy mode.” People that are tracked in this way will not be visible in the system until the alert is on and at that time people will be visible and tracked by the system.

Having the right components


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