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Zebra Printer Parts

Why you should only buy Zebra Printer parts from a full service ZASP:

As a full-service Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) AB&R supports the entire Zebra product line, utilizes genuine Zebra parts on all Zebra products, and participates in complete training programs. Additionally, we are equipped with a technical support staff to respond to technical questions and to resolve application issues.

Products supported (Please call to verify if you do not see your product listed)

  • 105 SL
  • 170PAX3
  • HC100
  • R2844-Z
  • TLP 2844
  • TLP 3842
  • 110PAX3
  • 170PAX4
  • LP 2824
  • S4M
  • TLP 2824-Z
  • TLP 3844-Z
  • 110PAX4
  • GX420d
  • GX420t
  • GX430t
  • LP 2844-Z
  • R110PAX4
  • R110Xi HF
  • R110Xi
  • R170Xi
  • TLP 2844-Z
  • ZM400
  • ZM600
  • 2746e
  • LP 2844
  • S600
  • 110XiIIIPlus

Zebra Circuit Board

For quality and performance, nothing outperforms Zebra printers. One good reason is the quality of the parts inside every one of our barcode printers—tested, designed, and manufactured to meet our exacting equipment specifications. With Genuine Zebra parts, you will continue to enjoy the same durability and trouble-free operation for which Zebra is known.

Quality Service to Match Zebra Quality Parts

Preserve the original quality, performance, and integrity of your printer with Genuine Zebra replacement parts from your Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP). Authorized to repair most Zebra printers, ZASPs also offer ZebraCare Extended Warranty and Maintenance Programs to provide you with continued peace of mind and the finest attention for your printer service and preventive maintenance needs throughout the agreement period.

Zebra offers cost-effective components ensure your printer will continue to provide the quality, reliability, and performance you expect, year in and year out. Zebra parts include:

  • Genuine Zebra Printheads
  • Genuine Zebra Electronic Kits
  • Genuine Zebra Mechanical Kits
  • Genuine Zebra Maintenance Kits


All Zebra parts and printheads are stamped from the same tool and dyes as the originals, then thoroughly inspected to ensure they also fit as precisely as the original parts. Zebra printheads and parts are made with the same high-quality materials to provide superior performance and protection against wear. Imitation printheads are copies of the originals. They may not live up to Zebra’s original equipment specifications for print quality, printhead life, fit or function.


Zebra printheads and parts help keep your printer performing like new thanks to their unparalleled fit and function. Imitation printheads and parts are built to the “like kind and performance” standard, which means they must be similar to the original—but they don’t have to be an exact match. Consider the hidden costs of potential future repairs and problems, and potentially reduced printer life, that can result from using alternative parts.


Zebra printers are built to exacting standards. For example, a Zebra printhead is designed to drop in directly to the fitting, preventing potential errors and accidents at installation and during use. Zebra delivers a combination of reliability and that is unmatched in the industry. When it’s time for maintenance, you’ll be glad you used Genuine Zebra parts.


Zebra printheads and replacement parts are quality components made to Zebra’s exacting engineering standards. For optimal printer performance, use Genuine Zebra parts. Preserve the original quality, performance and integrity of your printer with Genuine Zebra replacement parts from American Barcode and RFID/ABR an authorized Zebra Solutions Provider.

Choose from:

  • Genuine Zebra Printheads
  • Genuine Zebra Electronics Kits— AC power supplies, DC power supplies, media sensors, stepper boards and main logic boards
  • Genuine Zebra Mechanical Kits— Platen rollers, ribbon supply spindles, ribbon take-up spindles, rewind spindles, dancer assemblies, hanger assemblies and drive-pulley/gear system kits
  • Genuine Zebra Maintenance Parts—Hardware kits, fuses, belts, static brushes, ribbon strip plates and torsion springs

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