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How a Site Survey Benefits You

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right. That’s the approach we take each time we start a relationship with a new customer.

Our time-tested Solution Process is our approach to delivering world-class technology that improves the efficiency of the supply chain. Our process is based on nearly 40 years of experience gained from successful installations and projects. For example, our Solution Process recently allowed a major medical company to meet UDI label compliance, which is a requirement for them to operate their business.

What is a site survey?

The site survey is the first step in our Solutions Process. It’s a hands-on approach as it involves having our industry-leading engineers come visit your facility to gain a better understanding of how we can improve your supply chain through technology.

Our site surveys are more than us walking around your facility, we’re on a mission. The goal of our site survey is to capture everything we can about your facility to help us understand how we can help you improve your supply chain through technology.

Site surveys are beneficial because they provide the following:

  • Our engineers do the heavy lifting. We’ll work with your staff to identify pain points that could be solved with technology.
  • We document everything so you’re in the know. Our Systems Requirement & Design Study (SRDS) will outline the exact hardware and software that will work best in your environment. You can learn more about the SRDS.
  • The site survey allows us to transition into the pilot phase, an important step of the Solution Process. The pilot enables us to start placing equipment around your facility to begin a small-scale test of our solution.


How we stack up against the others

AB&R Solutions Provider Industry Comparison

Click to the image to see the AB&R difference

From in-house software developers to branded products, AB&R® doesn’t just sell labels and printers – we’re a solutions provider that delivers meaningful technology to the supply chain. In addition to solutions, we offer in-house certified support as well as technology specialists that are unique to the industry.

Check out the infographic to learn more about how we stack up to others in the industry.


What others are saying

Don’t just take our word for our Solution Process. Below are a few quotes and success stories from current customers we helped, and it all started with a site survey.

“The tracking system installation from AB&R was fast, efficient, and accurate. What previously was a four-week manual process is now completed in 3-days.”
Read the full case study here.


“One Time Delivery For Less is the cornerstone of all OnTrac services, and these changes (from AB&R®) will ensure that performance continues on the OnTrac standard.”
Read the full case study here.


“The reduction of manual inventory, expensive labor searches, and the improvement of laboratory movement updates have already paid for this system. We cannot wait to deploy to our other divisions.”
Read the full case study here.


Let’s get this party started

If you’re ready to improve your supply chain, get a head start by scheduling a 30-minute discovery call with AB&R®. It’ll give us a chance to learn more about your goals and is the initial step of our Solution Process.

Click below to schedule a time that’s most convenient with your schedule.

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