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Weathering 2023 with Barcode and RFID

2023 outlook

A message from AB&R’s President and CEO

Dear valued clients,

The AB&R team and I wish you a Happy New Year. Our team hopes it is a prosperous one and that you and your business continue to thrive as we navigate the changing world around us.

Supply chain challenges buffeted our businesses in 2022 with disruptions such as long lead times on essential barcode and RFID equipment. The war with Russia and Ukraine applied tremendous pressure on several commodities, including oil. Additionally, inflation increased this year with little end in sight.

The looming recession cloud is materializing into a reality expected to unfold in the new year. The economists at ITR Economics, one of the United States’ most accurate forecasters, predict the recession to start in late 2023 and match those that occurred in the years 1969-71, 1980-81, and 1990-91 [1].

Examining the New Year

Barcoding and RFID are more crucial than ever before…

As the recession looms, we saw thousands of layoffs throughout November and December. ITR Economics’ December 2022 report estimated that there are two open positions for every unemployed person [1]. Between layoffs and the vanishing workforce, increasing automation and efficiency is more important than ever.

AB&R designs its barcode and RFID solutions to increase your efficiency by enabling you to identify, track, and manage your critical assets and inventory. These solutions increase data capture speed and accuracy, reduce downtime due to lost equipment, and help you do more with less help.

This year, AB&R looks forward to releasing new and improved tools to optimize your workflows, from helping you track your assets and inventory, to designing solutions that enable you to achieve your operational goals with maximum efficiency.

…And more accessible than 2022.

Though we move into an uncertain year, AB&R does have good news to share. Our hardware manufacturing partners are promising an end to their supply chain and lead time challenges. As always, we will keep you apprised of lead times as the situation unfolds.

A final note

I want to thank everyone for your partnership in both 2022 and the years prior. As the world changes around us, AB&R’s core mission stays the same: providing supply chain solutions that advance the delivery of your essential goods and services. We look forward to furthering that mission in 2023.


Mike Stryczek

President and CEO, American Barcode and RFID Inc.

Getting started with data capture technology

Are you looking for ways to increase your efficiency and visibility using technology? Download our barcode and RFID guides to learn more about how they work, their applications, and what you need to set up your system.

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[1] ITR Economics Trend Report December 2022, accessed 12/28/2022.

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