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The importance of project managers

Project management can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right people in place. According to one source, less than 33% of all IT projects are completed on time and within budget.1 That’s pretty underwhelming. But why is it so low? The biggest factor cited was poor executive manager support (poor project managers) or none at all. Other problems like user involvement, the skill of the team, and lack of resources also contributed. AB&R® understands these difficulties. That’s why we put a heavy focus on having a solution process that works, and project managers who keep their teams on task and within budget. This keeps our project success rates well above the average, making them much less daunting.

The Project Management Team at AB&R®

The project management team at AB&R® is comprised of veterans from many different backgrounds. AT&T, WL Gore, Aerotek, and Insight, just to name a few. Together, they have an impressive track record completing projects within specific parameters.

Kathy Bakas, the company’s most senior project manager, has successfully overlooked hundreds of high-level projects from start to finish, but she understands it’s not always a walk in the park. “Communication is the biggest obstacle I typically face,” she said when asked what her biggest challenges were. “Learning the communication style that stakeholders prefer from project to project presents new challenges each time.” This type of attitude combined with their expertise is why they are one of the best teams in the industry.

Insider tips for when you need a project management team

  1. Project Management tips and tricksDon’t assume anything! – Making assumptions can send your project spiraling out of control costing everyone unplanned time, money, and resources.
  2. Hold regular meetings. – Share progress, successes, and failures. Transparency is key. When a client is evaluating moving forward on a solution that requires project management, it’s best to ask how often planning meetings occur with both teams (project team and client team).
  3. Document, document, document! – If your firm is looking to work with a solution provider, tip #3 is ask lots of questions and see how just this process alone is documented. Is there clear communication and follow-up? You’ll want to seek out a project team that understands exactly what is expected by documenting everything. The added time it takes to stop and capture information along the way is well worth it to avoid misunderstandings. Documenting is also the tool used for setting up milestones, benchmarks, and setting expectations. Proper documentation can be referenced by stakeholders at any time and provide a clear understanding of the project status.  Evaluate project management teams before your hire them by asking them about their documentation processes.


Let us know the challenges your business is facing so we can help create the right solution with our experienced project managers on your team!

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