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Product Reviews: TC70, Dolphin 75e, and CT50

All designed for interchangeable environments, these handheld computers deliver power and performance in the workplace. Whether you are in the warehouse or in the field, the rugged smart phone-feel makes these products stand out. These devices are ideal for enterprises that need to communicate quickly, access information and are seeking to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

All 3 of these devices differ in features. All are equipped with a Corning® Gorilla® glass screen, Bluetooth®, front and back cameras, Micro SD card slots, phone call capabilities.

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The Zebra TC70 does not have terminal emulation or a Global Positioning System, but other handhelds by Zebra do have GPS. This device comes with internet access and display screen size of 4.7″ screen. The operating system is Win 10 loTME and a device in the series that has Android 5.1. The scan engine is SE4750SR and the processor is Qualcomm, dual core, 1.7GHz.


The Honeywell 75E, is equipped with the Android 4.4 operating system in addition to other available operating systems. This is the only device without MSR and a pistol grip. The scan engine is HI2D. This design has internet access and the second largest screen in comparison, at 4.3” in WVGA. This is the only device without MSR and has the lowest drop spec at 4”. The processor is Qualcomm, quad core, 2.26GHz.


The Honeywell CT50 supports either Windows® or Android™ operating systems targeting highly mobile frontline employees. It does not have terminal emulation The WEH 8.1 operating system supports this device but other devices have various operating systems. This display type is unique because it is LCD and can be dropped to concrete from 5’.

Product Comparison

Product Reviews: TC70, Dolphin 75e, and CN70


Product Reviews: TC70, Dolphin 75e, and CN70Dolphin 75e CT50


Part # ZEB-TC700J0WC22
Terminal Emulation None WAV-120LIGENTN4 None
Descriptions NFC, USA NFC NFC
Pistol Grip: Optional None Optional
WLAN Radio: 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11ac/b/g/n 802.11ac/b/g/n
WWAN Radio: None None None
WWAN Info: None None None
GPS None None None
Bluetooth® Yes Yes Yes
Operating System: Win 10 loTME Android 4.4  WEH 8.1
Scanner 2D standard 2D standard 2D standard
Scan Engine: SE4750SR HI2D N6600
Camera Yes Yes Yes
Keyboard Type: None None None
Keyboard Description: None None None
Display Size: 4.7″ 4.3″ 4.7″
Display Type: HD WVGA LCD
Ram/Flash Memory 2GB / 16GB 2GB / 16GB 2GB / 16GB
User Accessible Card Slot: MicroSD MicroSD MicroSD
MSR Optional No No
IP Rating: IP67 IP67 IP67
Drop Spec: 6′ drop to concrete 4′ drop to concrete  5′ drop to concrete
Operating Temperature: -4° to 122° F -4° to 122° F  -4° to 122° F
Processor Qualcomm, dual core, 1.7GHz Qualcomm, quad core, 2.26GHz  Qualcomm, quad core, 2.26GHz
Includes Battery, hand strap, stylus & tether Battery, USB cable, power adapter w/ regional plugs  Battery, handstrap
 Brochure Download the Brochure with Specs Download the Brochure with Specs Download the Brochure with Specs

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