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Modernize Your Warehouse Through Sensing Technology

Bringing Your Warehouse Up-to-Date: The Warehouse Maturity Model

Warehouse Maturity with RFID

In today’s digital, on-demand market, every level of your warehouse must work efficiently to keep up with demand. This requires you to maintain oversight of your warehouse, identifying problem areas and creating solutions to address those areas. But with everything that goes on during your daily operations, this is nearly impossible without the proper tools.

If your warehouse struggles with visibility, consider implementing sensing technology like RFID or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Using this technology helps you keep track of your assets, inventory, equipment and even personnel, boosting your warehouse’s connectivity and overall productivity.

In addition to tracking the workflow and assets in your warehouse, here are just a few ways that sensing technology can help you:

  • Capturing operations in real-time, providing valuable insight into your operations and identifying areas to improve asset utilization,
  • Ensuring business and government compliance by correcting workflow violations as they occur, and
  • Increasing employee safety by monitoring staff and enforcing social distancing policies

Implementing the Warehouse Maturity Model: Where Do I Start?

Your goal may be to completely deck out your warehouse in the latest sensing technology (We’re excited about your enthusiasm!); however, you can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency by simply starting small. Before you go all in, we recommend you start by identifying the problem areas in your operations and deploying sensing solutions there first. This will give you a better sense of whether this technology works for you before you take the next step.

Since there are so many variations of sensing technology available, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. In fact, the idea of making such a big change to your current infrastructure might even be frightening. To help you navigate your options, Zebra developed a warehouse maturity model series that goes through modernizing your warehouse step-by-step. Gain valuable insight into how to modernize your warehouse today.


If you’re ready to modernize your warehouse, give us a call, and we can discuss what your goals are, determine your RFID needs and help find a solution right for you.




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