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Improve operations with small label changes

Label MasterClass

Improve operations with small label changes

Speed up Operations and Improve your KPIs


Inefficient labels are hiding in plain sight — wreaking havoc on the productivity of your staff and impacting the ability to meet your KPIs. Thermal label solutions are more complex than you think – different adhesives perform best on different surfaces, ability to resist chemicals and scratches varies, and new technologies automate color.

In today’s environment, with fewer employees per shift and order quantities rising, using the right label solution has never mattered more. Unoptimized labels can cause bottlenecks in your operations. Optimizing them is something you can easily do.

The results: streamlined processes, improved productivity and efficiency, and even the ability to exceed your KPI goals.

Start by asking yourself these very telling questions:

  • Look at the labels we have been using for the past 5, 10 or 20 years. Are they now impacting productivity, following changes in our current system and processes?  Do these labels cause time-consuming workarounds that lead to higher costs?
  • Are you aware of the time workers waste creating workarounds for labels that are not right for
    the application?
  • What happens when a label doesn’t scan, and you have minutes to get a shipment out the door?
  • What happens when the line goes down, because you can’t print a readable label? How long does it take IT to get the printer back online?

Join our 30 min MasterClass to learn more about simple label improvement opportunities that can help speed up processes, increase your throughput, correctly route your goods, and positively impact your bottom line.

NOVEMBER 10, 2020 | 12 PM Mountain (1 PM CT)

Leading Our MasterClass

label masterclass presenter

Christine Weber

In 2006, Christine joined Zebra Technologies to market thermal printing supplies in North and Latin America. During her tenure at Zebra, she has brought supplies to life for enterprises. She has deep knowledge of the wide variety of labeling applications across a wide range of enterprises within Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Transportation & Logistics and the supplies materials (including the facestock, adhesives and ribbons) that provide reliable performance to enable enterprise asset intelligence. Today, Christine is a thermal printing supplies expert and strategic partner to the Global Supplies Product Management and Marketing Teams, in addition to the North America and European sales teams. She drives the development of the annual go-to-market plans to achieve supplies growth globally.
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