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Series Introduction

Series: Discover What It Means to Identify, Track and Manage

Series Introduction

Take a Deep Dive into Our Tagline

If you’re familiar with what we do here at AB&R, you’ll likely see us use the words “identify,” “track,” and “manage” often. In fact, they are our tagline! We realized that while they encompass much of what we do, we’ve never out-right explained why they’re vital to our brand identity. Let’s change that!

The Origin of Identify. Track. Manage.

Our tagline dates back to 2006, when AB&R was about three years into working with RFID. It gives a broader scope of what we do as a company than our previous tagline, “scanning the future of business.”

On the surface, we sell labels, hardware, and software. But AB&R is much more. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to create a custom system that works for your company. These three terms all feed into that very system.

What You Get Out of Our Series

Each of our articles will give you a brief overview of what it means to identify, track, and manage; some real-life use cases, quotes from our team, and other resources.

Start the Series

Which term catches your eye? We have a lot of ground to cover, so we split these out into three parts.

Use the buttons below to navigate the series. We recommend that you start at the beginning; however, if you have already completed the identifying stage of your project, you might want to begin with tracking. Just remember, you can’t do one without the other!

Part I - Identify


Part II - Track


Part III - Manage


Next Steps

AB&R has the identify, track, and manage process down to a science. With 40+ years of supply chain experience under our belt, we’re more than equipped to solve your supply chain inefficiencies.




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