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Barcode Verification Made Easy with the PX940

Barcode Verification Made Easy

Print, Apply, Ship. It’s that simple.

There is an easy way to make sure your barcodes will scan the first time, every time. You can put poor quality barcodes and their costly drain on time, productivity and money to rest. Printing, applying and shipping your labels with confidence has never been easier. The PX940 verification printer will print your labels, simultaneously verifiying each one and marking any that are unusable. With this tool, you can be assured that your labels are meeting GS1 quality standards without adding additional steps to your business processes.

Benefits of Verification

As a product moves through the supply chain, a bad barcode can cause a negative ripple effect. Adding integrated verification into your printing process helps you to sidestep the ripple effect and provides powerful benefits:


reduces the risk of print re-runs / wasted packaging and products


builds confidence that printed barcodes will scan the first time – every time

Scannability Read Rates

improves read rates throughout the supply chain

asset tracking

allows for efficient movement of stock through the supply chain

PX940 Features

The PX940 is fully equipped with features to make your processes run smoothly and nearly error-free:

  • Precision printing | up to +/-0.3 mm (0.012 in) virtually eliminates poor-quality, unreadable labels and barcodes
  • Defect free labels  | instantly notifies you of pass/fail status and ANSI grade
  • Smart printing | configure settings on the printer without the need for a host computer
  • Easy to use & maintain | built-in printhead cleaning routine that provides optimal print quality and a longer printhead life
  • Asset Management & Monitoring | Operational Intelligence software provides predictive analytics and data on printer health to help managers oversee their entire printer fleet and proactively prevent issues, ensuring maximum uptime
  • 203 dpi, 300 dpi, (NEW!) 600 dpi units available

Newest Upgrades

Along with the new print resolution, Honeywell upgraded the following:

  • Verifier Integration Interface
  • Data reporting on FTP, web page, USB
  • Configurable report level (allows you to decide how much verification details is being stored)
  • CSV support for bulk verification data
  • Voiding behavior, sequence and non-sequence
  • Grade override configuration
  • Improved UI look and feedback
  • Voiding in peel off mode
  • Applicator and Industrial interface support
  • Wireless 802.11 support

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