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Asset Visibility Service (AVS) & Operational Visibility Service (OVS)

Managing a warehouse or distribution facility can be difficult on many fronts. You have to worry about employees, assets, inventory, productivity, safety… the list goes on. With so much to manage right now, it’s difficult to be proactive and see where future issues may arise. That’s why we have the Visibility Services Portfolio. The Visibility Services Portfolio gives you important insights into the health, usage, and performance of your mobile computers and printers.  These services range from basic support to fully managed care of your critical assets. Today we’re going to look at two of the most popular visibility services, AVS and OVS.

Asset Visibility Service (AVS)

A snapshot of the easy-to-use AVS and OVS Dashboard

A snapshot of the easy-to-use AVS Dashboard

Powered by the Visibility Platform, AVS receives securely transmitted data from any device and provides simple visibility of your devices through big data analytics. This includes predictive insight into device health and performance with recommended corrective actions to help you move from reactive to proactive. Custom device naming and tagging allow you to quickly identify devices and filter views. In addition, AVS provides high-level repair information and contact details so you can easily access a device’s relevant administrative records. All of this can be accessed through the AVS tablet application or from any web browser.

Operational Visibility Service (OVS)

OVS gives you real-time up-to-date insight into the identification, condition, performance, and utilization of critical business devices. It’s AVS on steroids. The easily customizable application allows you to set thresholds on battery life, location, usage, and performance. When one of these thresholds is reached you will be prompted with actionable steps to fix the issue. With OVS you get easy access to understandable and actionable “big data” analysis that allows you to quickly analyze the condition and performance of all your mobile devices, giving you the freedom to make better business and operational decisions. Standard OVS includes a fully functional hosted and pre-integrated SOTI cloud-based MDM (mobile device management) software. This is a must have for businesses with medium to large device counts.

See the full brochure for more details on all the Visibility Services.

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