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The AutoCube 8200

Product Review: AutoCube 8200

3D printers are a popular technology right now. With just a few clicks you can turn a simple 3D design into a reality right before your eyes. But what if you want to work in the other direction? What if you want to read something in three dimensions instead of printing it? Well, here is the AutoCube 8200. This impressive machine can scan a package and return its dimensions with impeccable precision in less than a second. It can even tell you what size box an irregularly shaped object will fit in.

The AutoCube 8200

The 8200 attaches to a sleek mount so it can easily scan box dimensions in less than a second

Previously, this could only be done at a slow pace with manual tape measurements. These measurements resulted in low accuracy, inconsistency, and slow productivity. The AutoCube 8200 system increases accuracy, consistency and user productivity in multiple use cases – increasing revenue capture, reducing shipping chargebacks and throughput bottlenecks, and optimizing storage space, workflow and load planning.

Features & Benefits

  • Can measure packages and objects of a variety of shapes and sizes. From as small as 4″x4″x4″ to as large as 35″x35″x35″.
  • The automatic mode of the AutoCube 8200 can take measurements in less than a second. This enables users to process and ship a larger number of packages while also reducing labor costs.
  • Precise measuring technology means no more shipping fees on incorrectly sized boxes. No more surcharges!
  • A compact and flexible design allows the AutoCube 8200 to mount almost anywhere in any environment.
  • The solid API and SDK allow users to easily interface the system with multiple applications.  Automatic and user-controlled modes enable companies to customize product usage based on their unique workflows.


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