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This graphic shows the benefits of using Android on rugged mobile computers.

Android™ Invades Rugged Mobile Computers

Take advantage of the little green robot making it easier to do business in your organization. There has been a recent uptick in Android™ enabled rugged mobile computers being used in the warehouse.  For a long time these devices ran almost exclusively on Windows based operating systems. Below we discuss the trends and reasons why Android™ is seeing a movement in the industrial space.

Evaluating the Android™ Movement

Well, for one, Android™ controls well over two-thirds of the mobile market, and is familiar to most end users. This popularity is derived from its principally open-sourced platform which gives users free range to modify and develop applications. A big plus for some software developers and IT professionals. Another factor is the approaching end of support on older operating systems like Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Additionally, each new update to the Android™ operating system is free, fully-functional, and open-source. All in all Android™ offers a versatility and openness that other operating systems cannot match.

Four Facts About Android™

This graphic shows the benefits of using Android on rugged mobile computers.

Four facts about the Android™ operating system.

Android™ Enabled Rugged Mobile Computers

The Ultra-rugged CK75 by Honeywell


This CK model is the first of its kind to be Android™ enabled. The CK75 rugged mobile computer is 31% lighter and smaller than all others in its class. It also runs the fastest and furthest reaching imaging engines to deliver superior motion tolerance and barcode read performance.


The CN75 is a sleek Android™ enabled mobile computer specifically designed for field service workers who need power and performance in a compact form. Its unparalleled reliability combined with its smart battery technology almost eliminates dead batteries and subsequent down time during shifts.

TC70 Rugged Touch Computer


The TC70 is an enterprise class handheld computer that runs exclusively on Android™ (The TC70x has Android™ & Windows). The rugged design holds up in the most demanding environments and its ease of use gives it the familiarity of a consumer smartphone. This device offers more off-the-shelf end-user apps, more robust administration utilities, and easier app development.


Similar to the TC70, the TC75 is an Android™ enabled rugged mobile computer. This device captures more types of data faster than ever before. With 4G LTE support and a full complement of accessories to meet your needs, this computer will empower your field teams with a true mobile office.

If you’re currently using Windows platforms and want to migrate to Android™ or you’re looking to purchase Android™ enabled rugged mobile computers we can help! Leave your contact information below and we’ll have one of our experts reach out to you.

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