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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Kiosk

When trying to decide which interactive kiosk is right for your company you will soon discover, what works for one company may not work for your’s. Every kiosk serves a different purpose. You will not only need to take into consideration what your focus audience will require from your kiosk, but you will also need an understanding of the components it will take to develop and deploy a kiosk successfully.


If you are new to the world of touchscreen technology, you will soon learn that there isn’t one standard type of kiosk to choose from. Kiosks are available in several different sizes, styles and shapes, to meet many different requirements. It’s important to consider requirement factors such as space, audience and usage when looking at different hardware configurations for your business. If you are limited on space, a wall mounted or desktop kiosk might better suit your needs. If you are planning on using an outdoor kiosk, you will need one that is designed to withstand weather conditions.

Choosing a qualified kiosk manufacturer and demanding high quality components is not only crucial to the success of it’s operation, it is also one of the determining factors in the ROI of your business. High quality components include LCD screens, printers, keyboards, card readers, cameras, infrared and Bluetooth sensors, just to name a few.


Equally as important as choosing the proper hardware for you requirements, is choosing the correct software applications for your kiosk. After all, your software is the critical component that will make your kiosk appeal to your target audience. So it’s important to keep your target audience in mind when choosing and implementing the software for your kiosk.

Whether you chose customized software or you install standard software which allows your kiosk to surf the internet, the main goal of your touchscreen kiosk should be to create a simple positive and personal experience for the consumer.

The software you choose for your kiosk will also turn it into a user interface, protecting your information from hacking by locking it down and only displaying your website securely. Your kiosk software can also give you the ability to manage your kiosk remotely, and improve performance by providing intelligent analysis and reporting on important factors.


The ability to access and manage your kiosk remotely, which greatly streamlines the performance of your business and adds to the return on your investment. However, as with anything, problems can arise that require the help of someone qualified to work on your kiosk. When this happens, on-site support may be required. This is when having warranty with a service plan, that offers the coverage you need, is invaluable. A service plan can offer you a choice of 48 hour, 24 hour or even 8 hour maintenance time, to keep your kiosk operating during normal business hours without creating downtime.


When choosing a kiosk, you want it to be seamlessly integrated into your existing brand. Customized software that is tailored to your businesses, as well as the design of your kiosk is crucial to achieving this. The kiosk can be modified in regards to color, shape and finish so that it’s integrated with the rest of the company.

Touchscreen kiosks come in several different designs, by understanding the individual components, you can not only provide seamless and integrated service to your customers, but you can also benefit from a long-term return on your investment.

Image cc Flickr via hdes.copeland

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