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Three-Part Forms vs. Mobile Receipt Printing

We don’t think that anyone who uses three-part forms (a.k.a., triplicate forms) can deny the inherent problems with this method of record keeping…

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  • Handwritten information on the forms is often illegible, and many times, the person doing the writing doesn’t press down hard enough for the information to get transferred all the way to the third layer of paper. And there’s the issue of pens — although pens are cheap, they are often lost and eventually run out of ink (seemingly at the most inopportune times). Pens can also explode in your vehicle on hot days if not kept in an air conditioned area.
  • There are too many pieces of paper to keep track of. Each part of a three-part form can easily be lost by any of the three parties to which one part of the form is distributed. These forms can also be destroyed by fire and made illegible by chemicals. Furthermore, the “ink” fades with age.
  • If generic, off-the-shelf forms are inadequate for your business, you must order custom forms. This can be quite expensive, and you have to rely on the printing company being able to fulfill your order in a timely manner. Sometimes, they get backed up and cannot deliver the goods when you need them.

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An excellent alternative to the use of three-part forms is mobile receipt printing. In contrast to triplicate forms, mobile printer receipt paper is more readily available, not to mention less expensive. The cost of custom three-part forms can run about $900 for 10,000 forms ($0.09 per form), whereas 50 rolls of mobile printer receipt paper costs roughly $100 (prices vary according to brand and type of paper).

Stop messing with pens, bulky form books, and clipboards. Consider mobile receipt printing as a convenient and cost-reducing alternative.

AB&R can help you incorporate mobile receipt printing into your delivery process.