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Asset Tracking & Management

Safety for your employees

Scansmart ID

Scansmart ID provides real-time identity verification with the scan of a barcode. Don’t let your organization be at risk.



  • Scansmart ID is a customizable solution for your organization. You decide which mobile device, card printer, service, and accessories will work best for your needs.
  • Choose from a variety of mobile devices to add to your solution in order to scan ID badges at varies points of entry. If a workstation application is what you want, don’t worry, it comes standard with Scansmart ID.
  • In the event of an evacuation, Scansmart ID can be used off-site to determine which scanned employees were in your facility. This is a lifesaving resource for emergency responders.

Applications for Scansmart ID

  • Control access to your facility
  • Confirm the identity of each person as they enter your location
  • Remote access to the database allows you to view, access and make changes through a secure Internet connection.
  • A solution can be individually customized to meet special requirements

Scansmart is an AB&R® product with full development, design, and support

all located in-house.

Scansmart ID Badge

Scansmart Inventory

Scansmart ID Card

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