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Point-to-Point (PTP) Solutions increase productivity and performance in your business. Easily extend wireless networks with an Ethernet bridge. Maintain reliable connectivity even in the most challenging situations.

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  • Remove System Bottlenecks in the Network with Increased Throughput
  • Establish Robust Links to Challenging Locations
  • Reduce Capital and Deployment Costs
  • Eliminate Monthly Recurring Costs Associated with Leased T1/E1 Voice Circuits
  • Easy Link planning
  • Reduce Overall Operating Costs
  • Easy, Flexible System Management


  • Increased nLoS or NLoS and long range LoS performance enables links to be established in previously inaccessible locations
  • PTP 300, 400, 500 and 600 solutions offer exceptional interference mitigation techniques (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output [MIMO], Advanced Spectrum Management with i-DFS and Adaptive Modulation) that provide a reliable network connection in noisy RF environments.
  • High-capacity throughput enables efficient backhaul connections between business locations or to reach multiple clusters.
  • Using the Motorola PTP LINKPlanner, an operator can simulate and optimize link performance before deploying a PTP 300, 400, 500 or 600 link by fine tuning a number of factors to instantly see the effect on link performance.


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