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Common Zebra TLP 2824 Errors and How to Fix Them

Is the Zebra TLP 2824 giving you printing trouble? Don’t worry: we’re here to help! Below, you’ll find video tutorials on how to fix a few common Zebra TLP 2824 problems.

The items you need to keep for your new printer

This video reviews the key components you need to successfully set up and use your new TLP 2824 printer. Be careful not to throw away the cardboard roll that comes in the box — it is part of your printer!

Fixing the red-light error

If you have made sure that your printer is closed securely and you still have the red-light error, watch this video for step-by-step instructions to fix it.

Getting back to your form

If your printer is showing you an error or “form not found” message, it might be in the wrong language mode. Here’s a demonstration on how to change your language mode and find your forms.

How to stop an extra label from printing

If your printer is printing an extra blank label, you may need to calibrate it so that it recognizes the start and end of the label. While it might sound daunting, it’s a very easy exercise to complete. This same exercise will also fix any print alignment issues you’re experiencing.

Fixing the print alignment on the label

When a printer is not calibrated, it may print labels that are not aligned correctly. Here’s a step-by-step way to calibrate your TLP 2824 printer. This will also resolve any extra blank labels trailing your prints.

What to do if the calibration didn't work

If the two-flash calibration did not resolve your printing problems, you may need to clean your printer’s media sensors. Here’s where to find the media sensors and how to clean them.

What to do when the label prints out blank

If your labels are printing out blank, it may be that the ribbon is in backward. In this video, we’ll show you how to test if this is the case and provide a tutorial on how to fix it.

If neither calibrating your printer nor cleaning the media sensors solved your printing issues, you may have the wrong labels. All labels purchased and supplied directly from Reynolds and Reynolds are compatible with the TLP 2824. They cannot guarantee that labels purchased from third-party sellers will work.


The correct labels will have a perforated gap. A label that does not have this gap will not work with the TLP 2824.  If you are still not sure if you have the right labels, please reach out to your Reynolds rep for assistance.


If you’re still experiencing printer issues after following these videos, please reach out at 800-281-3056.

A member of our service team will be happy to help you.