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green labeling

Environmentally Friendly Printing Supplies

Building environmentally friendly practices is at the top of every company’s mind. Your company may pledge to use less paper and more recycled materials in your products, but have you considered going green in your label printing?


Minimize your environmental impact with AB&R and Zebra’s unique labeling solutions.


Our environmentally sustainable supplies are made using recycled materials and are also recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. Your labels will also arrive in eco-friendly packaging, removing excess packaging.

Featured Green Products

Direct Thermal Polyethylene Material

Polyethylene packaging cannot be recycled if it still has a typical shipping label affixed. Packaging with Zebra’s direct thermal polyethylene label means you and your customers can recycle without cutting the label off beforehand.

Linerless Direct Thermal Paper Labels

Label rolls that do not have liners have 40% more feet per roll, which means your rolls last longer. You can also print your labels at varying lengths this way.

Dissolvable Labels

You never have to worry about label residue upon removal with dissolvable labels. All it takes to remove the label is to wash it away with water.

RFID Paper Labels

An RFID tag manufactured with recycled materials not only creates less waste, but it also increases security. Once you remove a label, the antenna inside breaks. This means once an RFID tag is fixed to an asset, it cannot be removed and placed on another, preserving data integrity.

AB&R is committed to helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

Let’s work together to preserve our planet. Contact AB&R today to learn more about our sustainable printing supplies and which works best for your business.