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Machine Vision Systems

Zebra Technologies, a leader in developing technologies that deliver a true performance edge, has designed an industrial data capture solution with a unified foundation that makes deploying machine vision easy, fast, flexible and affordable.

Keeping an Eye on Industrial Automation

Growing labor shortages and ecommerce demands are driving manufacturers to improve the quality and speed of production and fulfillment. Machine vision technologies—including imagers, sensors and smart cameras—are keeping production flowing with high-speed digital precision and helping them achieve the promise of industrial automation.

31% of manufacturing production processes now incorporate smart devices and embedded intelligence
More than one-third of manufacturers plan to implement IoT technology into their processes

(Source: MPI Group)

Machine Vision Systems Deliver Excellence in Inspection

Whether the quality inspections on your production line need to determine simple absence and presence or require complex defect detection, you’ll find a Zebra Machine Vision solution that can help you reduce production defects, increase throughput and improve efficiency. Upgradeable features make it easy to meet the evolving needs of your business with a purchase of a simple software license.

A Robust Portfolio

VS20 Machine Vision

Smart Sensor

Perform simple quality inspections on the production line. The VS20 provides multiple connectivity options for easy integration into your PLC or Host network.

VS40 Machine Vision

Smart Camera

Meet the requirements of your complex inspection applications. The VS40 provides comprehensive options that include range, illumination, and connectivity.

VS70 Machine Vision

Smart Camera

The customizable VS70 enables machine vision in the most complex processes and challenging environments—including a wide-angle lens to capture large parts, zoom lens for inspection of a distant component and a specialized lens for precise measurements.

Zebra Aurora™ Software Delivers a New Level of Simplicity

Your users will appreciate the highly intuitive modern interface of the Aurora software platform, which presents logical workflows and features and functions that are just a click away. Even the most complicated settings are easy to execute. The Aurora platform makes it easy to set up, deploy and run Zebra Machine Vision smart cameras, reducing the need for additional training and deployment and eliminating the need to complex tools.

Features that Drive Performance

Aurora offers dozens of features that drive efficiency and productivity.


Capture up to 16 images with a single trigger event to ensure capture of the perfect image

Golden Image Compare

Quickly identify and resolve the issue when a barcode or image capture fails

Object Locate

Rapidly and accurately locate right out of the box with optimized settings

Not sure which solution is right for you?

VS20 Machine Vision

Smart Sensor

Easily integrates into your network

VS40 Machine Vision

Smart Camera

Comprehensive features for extraordinary flexibility

VS70 Machine Vision

Smart Camera

Customizable to meet unique scanning needs

Basic track and trace networked inspection applications

Sophisticated inspection applications

Meets challenging requirements for inspection


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