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PAR Level Inventory Management Success Story

A few years ago, the Materials Management Department at a local hospital approached us and asked us to offer our assistance in managing their supply chain process. Their objective was to relieve medical and surgical technicians of having to review, prepare requisitions, receive and store their supplies so that they could perform more of their normal duties. At the same time, we saw an opportunity to reduce their supply cost and manage their inventory more effectively.

We targeted several areas that had no par levels set up, would routinely run out of supplies, and had to order extra supplies to compensate for the stock-outs that were adding additional supply costs to their areas.  By compiling a usage history report we began to develop par level lists for each area.  Much time was taken to review the items and quantities to ensure we all agreed and were comfortable with the par level list.

From there we calculated the labor cost savings and inventory PAR level savings analysis to help the Materials Management Department justify the project. We estimated an almost 80% reduction in labor hours and a 33% reduction in on-hand inventory would be achieved by implementing an automated PAR Level Inventory Management solution.  This worked out to be a savings of over $60,000 a year, per department.  Based on these numbers, approval to move forward was a no-brainer.

The satisfaction level of the project was so high that we were approached by several other departments at that location and various other properties.

It was then that we realized that a full-blown, enterprise-wide, warehouse management system wasn’t always necessary for an organization to realize the benefits of automating their inventory control process.  From there, the PAR Level Inventory Management solution was born.

PAR Level Inventory Management Bundle

The PAR Level Inventory Management Bundle incorporates:

a. Mobile Computer
b. AB&R’s Scansmart Inventory Management Software and Support
c. Serialized Inventory Tags

Honeywell 6100Mobile Computer with Cradle and Power Supply

Devices Built For Comfortable Single-Handed Use There are many mobile computers that will be set with the standard features your business needs to get started with an Inventory Management System.

ABC Scan .NET Inventory SoftwareScansmart Inventory Management Software

1 Mobile License – 1 PC License – 1 Year of SupportAB&R’s Scansmart was built on the foundation of Microsoft’s industry standard office suite, Inventory Management Software enables efficient mobile data collection for a wide range of business applications in a simple and familiar user interface.

Serialized Inventory TagsSerialized Inventory Tags


The more information you have about your inventory, the less inventory you need to have. AB&R has barcode and RFID labeling solutions you can use to accurately identify inventory throughout your storage, handling, and distribution processes.

To assess your specific business needs and select which mobile computers, licensing requirements, support, and inventory tags Contact Us or give us a call at 800-281-3056