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Rugged Wearable Voice and Data Mobile Computer  Motorola WT41N0

The Motorola WT41N0’s hands-free, wearable design has won awards for its ergonomic style that provides the users with increased comfort and productivity.

[tabs style=”vertical”][tab title=”Benefits”]Benefits

  • Powerful voice push-to-talk and voice-directed applications without a headset
  • Built to be drop, bump, spill, and scratch-resistant
  • Superior wireless connectivity performance

[/tab][tab title=”Features”]Features

  • Rugged Design
  • Integrated 802.11A/B/G WLAN
  • Supports Text-only, Voice-only, and combination text and voice applications
  • Functions in a wide range of harsh temperature conditions
  • 2.8 in. color QVGA display with backlight

[/tab][tab title=”Specifications”]Specifications

Download the brochure with specifications

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