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Vehicle or Fixed-Mount Mobile Computer Motorola VC5090

The Motorola VC5090 Vehicle/Fixed-Mount Mobile Computer from Motorola combines rugged construction and high performance wireless networking to enable real-time data access and collection in the harshest environments —from the loading dock and freezer to the warehouse floor.

[tabs style=”vertical”][tab title=”Benefits”]Benefits

  • Supports next-generation applications with Bluetooth capabilities, push-to-talk, VOIP, RFID and more
  • Applications developed for other Motorola rugged mobile computers can be easily ported to the VC5090, dramatically reducing software development and training requirements
  • Great for being fixed to a forklift for mobility or mounted in a vehicle to streamline warehouse operations

[/tab][tab title=”Features”]Features

  • Rugged Design
  • Integrated 802.11A/B/G WLAN
  • Reliable in cold storage/freezer environments
  • Bluetooth
  • MSP compatible

[/tab][tab title=”Specifications”]Specifications

Download the brochure with specifications

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