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Rugged Mobile Computer

The CN70 and CN70e has a complete set of intelligent business solution software, tools, services and training modules, to create the smoothest and smartest possible integration into your workflows.

The CN70 and CN70e meet these challenges head on with next generation features that save valuable seconds and deliver unparalleled reliability. Intermec’s high performance imager provides optimal barcode scanning capabilities even in low light scanning environments and unmatched motion tolerance and laser aiming for the snappiest speeds. These features eliminate costly delays in scan intensive applications.
[tabs style=”vertical”][tab title=”Benefits”]Benefits

  • Compact and Rugged Design built to withstand harsh environments and extreme work conditions
  • Integrates into current systems for scanning and communication between business applications
  • Provides optimal network coverage with flexible radio technology

[/tab][tab title=”Features”]Features

  • Preloaded with HTML5 Browser from Intermec
  • Compatible with printers, software, and accessories
  • Barcode imaging technology
  • Rechargeable, removable, long lasting Li-Ion battery
  • 2D Imager for scanning
  • Integrated RFID Reader Option

[/tab][tab title=”Specifications”]Specifications

Download the brochure with specifications

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Side View

Side View

Back View

Back View

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