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Get your tech and preserve cash, too.

Financing for the Future

When people are unsure about the future, they tend to hold off on making big changes. Its in our nature. And it affects businesses much the same way it affects individuals.  In the US, the “COVID-19 crisis is leading to massive cuts in business expenditures on innovation, training and general management improvements, which we expect to lower productivity into 2021 and beyond. The irreversible nature of these investments in intangible forms of capital makes them particularly sensitive to uncertainty.”[1]

That’s a hefty statement. Let’s take a minute to let that sink in. Reduction in spending today is expected to lower productivity through next year. Potentially even longer.

So when you’re in the midst of a cash preservation strategy, how can you avoid that negative impact on your company’s productivity?

Preserving Cash, Financing Early

There are a wide variety of options if you are searching for a way to push your technical investments through while still preserving your cash. Mix and match from these options to customize your financing plan to fit your company’s needs*.

Cash back/buy back

Get a check for your recently purchased equipment and we will lease the equipment back to you


Short term

Purchase now, pay later


0% financing

Historically low interest rates


Get the products you need this year, but defer the payments up to 12 months



The more money you’re looking to borrow, the better your rebate rates are – when you have the credit to back it up


*All financial options are contingent upon final credit review and approval

We’re here to help you find the best financing option for your business.

What You Can Finance

Hard Assets

  • Mobile devices
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Hardware

Soft Assets

  • Warranties
  • Software Licenses
  • Services

There are finance options for hard assets alone, or for a mix of hard and soft assets. Our experts will help identify the right mix of hard assets and soft assets.

If your business is not ready to move forward with any productivity enhancing solutions, we get it. The world was turned upside down. It can take some time to feel like things are manageable again. For those who are interested in moving the needle, boosting productivity, give us a call. We can talk through your options – no obligation.


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