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Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions

Managing the temperature of your storeroom is critical, whether you are storing vaccines or perishable foods. However, the traditional means of monitoring conditions are expensive and cumbersome.


Simplify your quality inspection and temperature monitoring with AB&R and Zebra’s temperature indicators. Our labels change color when exposed to dangerous temperatures, enabling you to tell if a product is compromised with a simple glance.

Temperature Indicator Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Identifies heat-exposed or frozen products
  • Conformant to Code of Harmonization (ICH) Q9 and Q10
  • Strengthens quality management

Track Heat and Freeze Exposures with Visual Cues


Our HEATmarkers and FREEZEmarkers enable you to see and address temperature changes quickly with their color-changing feature. All labels are single-use, and the color change is irreversible, maintaining data integrity.


HEATmarkers monitor for warm temperature levels to prevent spoilage and maintain product integrity, turning darker the longer it is exposed to heat. When the tag becomes darker than its outer ring, that is a sign that the product has spoiled. Alternatively, FREEZEmarkers fades from green to white when exposed to freezing temperatures that may damage your products.

TransTracker® for Transporting Temperature-Sensitive Goods


One of the challenges in the cold chain is maintaining the right environment throughout the product’s delivery cycle. TransTracker labels monitor your product temperature as it ships. The product’s recipient can check for temperature-related damage incurred during the journey.