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RFID Journal Live! 2017

Scientist retrieving a vile from the cryogenic freezer.
Harsh Environment Labels

Extreme environments call for extreme measures. The correct material, ribbon, and adhesive is important for a lasting label. Learn More.

Beaconing and Wearable Technology

Beaconing technology offers real-time asset tracking. Wearables have a wide range of features that deliver increased production by 15%. Learn More.

These unloaded trucks are sitting in the yard waiting for their next trip.
Active vs Passive RFID Tags for Manufacturers

Both active and passive RFID tags have properties that are important to manufacturers. Learn More.

Motorolla DS6878 All In One Scanner
Product Review: All-In-One Scanners

These three top-tier wireless handheld imaging scanners eliminate the need to purchase multiple types of devices. Learn More.

This graphic highlights the key factors involved in choosing the proper labels for inventory and asset tracking management.
Choosing The Best Barcode Labels

Accurate item identification and data acquisition is crucial in all industries. A simple labeling error can cost you time and money. Learn More.