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GS1 US Solution Partner

In May 2020 AB&R® officially became the first GS1 US Gold Solution Partner to support the adoption, enablement, and implementation of GS1 Standards. This partnership allows us to improve our ability to support companies that are looking for greater visibility and efficiency in the supply chain. Back in June 2018 we joined the solution partner program to help companies across the nation store and transfer data more effectively by using the standards developed by GS1. These standards help support a common and interoperable language for data transmitted through barcodes and RFID solutions.

About GS1

In 1973, industry leaders selected a single standard for product identification known as a GS1 barcode. Today, that same standard is still used across the globe. The Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) is a community-based forum of businesses working together to develop standards-based solutions. GS1 is a participant of GSMP and plans an important role in the development of standards-based solutions for the supply chain.

Implementing these standards or guidelines involves a 4-step consensus-driven process to ensure all members of the GSMP community has the opportunity to review and approve each deliverable.

Why a Standard Barcode?

The case for a standard barcode is simple: you need your barcode to work. By working with a company that’s a GS1 US Solution Partner, you can rest assured that your barcode and unique numbers will be accepted by most major retailers and distributors around the globe. And since barcodes are used on virtually everything in all industries, a standard barcode is highly recommended.

Ever wonder what the barcode has done for you?

Check out the video below that explains how barcode standards have impacted all aspects of your life.

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