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AB&R is here to help prepare your facility for optimum efficiency.

AB&R helps you automate and optimize your inventory management, asset tracking and mobile workflows, so you can work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

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Boost your performance with technology-driven efficiency.

AB&R is Arizona's leading resource for supply chain digital technologies and software to help you create more efficient and cost-effective operations. We help you identify, track and manage everything you do so you can save time, money, and labor.

Automate your workflows.

Create automated processes that minimize manual labor and data capture errors.

Track your inventory and assets.

Start tracking your inventory and assets with real-time accuracy on day one.

Reduce labor and operating costs.

Replace paper and error-prone manual processes with digital efficiency.

Put technology to work for you.

Get help with consulting, deployment and services to optimize your operations.

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Create leaner manufacturing.

Enable leaner, more efficient manufacturing operations with digital solutions to transform your workflows and your business.

Automate your inventory management.

  • Identify, track and manage inventory.
  • Get real-time insights int stock levels and replenishment.
  • Eliminate out-of-stocks and over-purchasing.

Manage your assets more effectively.

  • Get better visibility into your high-value assets.
  • Know the last-known location and history of every item.
  • Quickly find equipment and assets needed for production.

Streamline your process.

  • Automate your workflows with digital mobile technology.
  • Improve worker productivity, efficiency and accuracy.
  • Boost quality with precise tracking, documentation and product quarantine.
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Optimize your warehousing and distribution.

Create end-to-end inventory visibility.

  • Track your inventory with digital accuracy.
  • Know every item's status and last-known location.
  • Get full visibility into your fulfillment workflows.

Optimize your warehouse processes.

  • Optimize processes in every area of your warehouse.
  • Automate your receiving, put-away, picking and more.
  • Quickly meet growing demand with less labor and cost.

Improve your shipping workflows.

  • Validate correct shipmentts quickly and accurately.
  • Ensure the right items are loaded on the right truck.
  • Minimize labor, costs and shipped air.
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Technologies for end-to-end better business performance.

Mobile icon

Mobile Computers

High-performance mobile computing to put business apps, voice, video and data capture at your fingertips.

Tablet icon

Rugged Tablets

Touch computing with rugged durability and larger screen display to simplify tasks.

Barcode scanner icon

Barcode Scanners

Next-generation 1D/2D barcode data capture, plus signature and form field capture.

RFID icon

RFID Solutions

Wireless and remote asset identification, tracking and location without manual barcode scanners.

Printer icon

Barcode and RFID Printers

Reliable and high-quality label and tag printing with industrial, desktop and mobile devices.

Location icon

Real-Time Locations Systems

Advanced location and tracking solutions for real-time visibility into your inventory and processes.

Apps icon

Mobile Apps and Enterprise Software

Easy-to-use solutions to help you increase productivity, efficiency and inventory control.

Label icon

Labels, Tags and Printing Supplies

All the supplies your need to track inventory and assets throughout your operations.

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Trusted by Arizona and the world's leading companies.

AB&R has helped many of the world's leading businesses launch and grow their Arizona operations. From Fortune 100 businessses to small and medium sized businesses, we've provided technology solutions for companies across all sizes and industries since 1980.

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Partners with Zebra: a global leader in enterprise technology.

AB&R and Zebra Technologies partner together to solve your biggest business challenges, leveraging Zebra's industry-leading portfolio of barcoding, RFID, mobile computing and automation solutions to deliver proven and cost-effective results for your business.

Get on the fast track to optimized operations.

Contact our technology experts to explore the best strategies and solutions for your business.

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