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IoT in the Cannabis Industry

IoT’s Growing Applications in the Cannabis Industry

IoT in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Dispensaries Staying Connected With IoT

Between making sure their plants grow in the perfect environment and keeping with strict government regulations, cannabis dispensaries have a lot on their hands. To operate to their fullest, they need to keep your employees, equipment and data as connected and organized as possible. That’s why a growing number of dispensaries have incorporated the Internet of Things (IoT) in their operations. 

People and companies across all industries use IoT in creative ways to foster visibility. If you have any system in your home that you monitor remotely through an app, you already have IoT experience!  

Benefits to Incorporating IOT

IoT and Cannabis Compliance

Reporting to the government requires precision, accuracy and transparency. IoT and technologies like RFID ensure your data is clean and accurate, while also easily accessible. RFID transfers data right to your business systemsmaking it simple to create reports for those short notice audits. 

Benefits Beyond Compliance

IoT’s benefits expand beyond government compliance. It empowers you to: 

  • monitor your greenhouse or grow room from afar
  • keep your employees connected at all times
  • improve customer experience with accurate demand forecasting

In an interview with the Cannabis Business Times, one dispensary revealed that they leverage IoT to monitor their greenhouse’s environment. Their IOT climate control system allowed workers to access key information about their greenhouse remotely, manage alerts, and even make changes to the system from afar. This technology enables you to monitor your system and react to malfunctions before it impacts your plants.

Dive into how IoT helps dispensaries like yours at the Cannabis Business Times.

Next Steps 

Leverage our more than 40 years’ worth of experience with efficiency solutions for your grow.  We have the IoT experience that will bring your operations to the next level. 




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