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Mobilize Your Workforce

The wholesale & distribution industry is busier than ever, and your own facility is operating at max speed. In your fast-paced environment, a lack of mobility can hold your operations back. Even so, wholesalers and distributors still compromise mobility for power.


Mobile computers, printers and handhelds help you increase mobility to an extent – but carrying too many devices at once turns simple tasks into a hassle. On the flip side, a fixed workstation is powerful, but your workers must make frequent trips between their station and their tasks.


You don’t have to choose between mobility and power. With a mobile workstation from DTG and Zebra’s Workstation Connect, your employees can transport all the essentials – their printers, mobile computers, and scanners – right to the point of task.

DTG Workstation Connect

How it Works

Transforming your Zebra mobile computer or rugged tablet into a mobile workstation is easy. All your workers must do is place the device in the station’s dock, and they’re instantly connected to everything they need to get the job done.


Every mobile workstation comes equipped with holders, trays and brackets for your printers and other critical hardware.

Unlock the power of your mobile devices

Increasing mobility is the beginning of the benefits you’ll gain when investing in a mobile workstation. Coupled with Workstation Connect, you’ll gain:

  • Seamless connection to all of your workers’ equipment
  • Maximized ROI on Zebra mobile devices
  • Reduced technology management workload and cost
  • Desktop computer functionality without purchasing more computers
  • Keyboard and mouse capabilities
  • Convenient push-to-talk voice communication
  • Virtually endless energy with DTG’s industry-leading workstation batteries
  • Convenient accessories to hold your devices

Ready to get mobile?

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AB&R’s mobile workstation solutions are ideal for:

Manufacturing     |     Distribution

AB&R Proudly Partners With

Zebra is a leading barcode and RFID manufacturer. For more than 50 years, Zebra has helped thousands of companies find their edge through solutions that increase supply chain visibility, productivity, and competitive performance.



DTG is the global leader in the design, development, and delivery of power systems and battery-powered mobile computer workstations. Their solutions improve efficiency throughout your company’s supply chain. Their goal is clear: save enterprises time and money.