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Looking Forward to 2022

2022 Outlook Address

Forging Ahead into the New Year

A Message From Our President & CEO

To Our Valued Clients: 

I want to wish you a Happy New Year from all of us at American Barcode and RFID Inc. (AB&R). We hope this year proves to be a healthy, successful, and productive one for you and your business. 

Though we’ve finished the 2021 chapter, many of the challenges we faced then have followed us into the new year. Among them are material shortages, rising inflation, price increases on essential goods, and labor shortages throughout the supply chain.  

In November 2021, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs en masse, a record number in the recent period called “The Great Resignation.” This exodus widens an already large skilled-labor gap, with 5 million seasoned workers having retired since the start of the pandemic in 2020 [1]. These 55 – 65+ workers that appear to have taken early retirement makeup 43% share of the missing labor force [2]. 

U.S. Department of Labor, Wells Fargo Securities (2021). “Our Favorite Charts of 2021.” Accessed 1/10/2022

This gap in the workforce makes automation vital in 2022. Compounding on surging demand for manufactured goods and same-day delivery, the worsening labor shortage means fewer people need to handle more work. As a result, everyone in the supply chain has to work faster and more efficiently. Performing under such high pressure requires technology in some form. 

AB&R is Here for You

Having a trusted technology partner is more valuable in today’s digitally-accelerated world than ever before.  

AB&R’s barcode and RFID solutions are designed to improve performance by increasing overall visibility into your operations and equipping your workforce with the tools it needs to get its job done quickly, efficiently, and with near 100% accuracy.  

This year, AB&R expects to release new and updated tools that will further optimize your workflows – for improved labeling capabilities and for asset + inventory tracking operations. Expect more news surrounding these exciting releases in the coming months.  

The calendar has changed, but AB&R’s core mission remains the same: We are committed to providing supply chain solutions that advance the delivery of your essential goods and services.  

President and CEO, American Barcode and RFID Inc. 

Getting Started with Data Capture Technology 

It’s never too late to implement a barcode or RFID system. We’ve created two guides covering these technologies, how they work, and what you will need to get started.

Download them today and learn what these data capture systems could do for your business. 

Read the Barcode Guide

Read the RFID Guide





[1] USAToday

[2] U.S. Department of Labor, Wells Fargo Securities (2021). “Our Favorite Charts of 2021.” Accessed 1/10/2022

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